Heavy Lifting Services

Make a list of the Steps we take prior to any challenging lift/move. need input here ? Percentage of accuracy of our weighing equipment. Possible assistance we offer during construction of the clients equipment fabrication, weighing at how many points?

Also, using our engineering calculations we provide incredibly accurate information on center of gravity and weight for the safest, most efficient lift possible. need input here When to involve us? The sooner the better. Bringing a heavy-lift specialist into a project early will allow us streamline the process from design to scheduling, as well as give us the freedom to find the most efficient solution for your challenge.

But unlike the mega-companies who need slews of time, we can conduct full logistics and lifting reviews and come up with a cost-effective plan rapidly. Our plans include analysis of lifting and transport, as necessary, via road, rail or water.

These analysis’ include evaluation of scheduling and drawing up of an engineered lift plan. And, of course, custom fabrication for specialty lifting and hauling equipment. Due to our background in naval architecture and marine engineering, the Nordholm Group is in an excellent position to complete even the most complex lifting projects.

Our fully vetted lift plans are custom made for each client’s particular challenges. Because we specialize in finding client-based solutions, we feel that it’s imperative to bring a host of strengths to the table. These start with a strong engineering background, but are bolstered by a love of the challenge, innovative design and cutting edge technology.

We look at each new project as an opportunity to increase our skill base, as well as call on our long reserves of experience.